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We are the official agent of the largest provider of vacation getaways and licensed seller of travel for our affiliated resorts.

Unlike other popular travel sites, we never sell our vacation getaways at retail prices. We have direct fulfillment agreement with each of our resorts that allows us to offer wholesale rates directly to consumers.

In exchange for receiving wholesale rates, the consumer agrees to participate in a fun resort preview presentation showcasing all of the amenities and benefits of the resort you visit.

We highly recommend you to compare our rates to any popular travel sites so you can truly appreciate the savings we are offering.

What can I expect?

We know the pain of any great quality vacation boils down to the money.  With budget constraints, you will compromise quality and make do with just an 'OK holiday'.

At Liztme.com you can expect savings from 50% to 80% compared to popular travel online sites. This includes various types of vacations like ALL-INCLUSIVE VACATIONS, KIDS-FRIENDLY VACATIONS, and ADULTS-ONLY VACATIONS.

In this way, you can now have that great quality vacation, a home away from home, with the budget you have. What have you got to lose? Thousands have traveled with us and saying they will never travel another way. In fact, they are coming back for more.

What's in Store

Before you start, currently Travel Deals are available in the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.  We are definitely expanding our location choices. If you like to be the first one to know about this, GET YOURSELF SUBSCRIBED TO OUR UPDATES.

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Choose what suits you.
We have categorized into 3 groups.
Family, Singles and Adults Only Vacations


We have something for all ages. The resort caters to all wants and desires from young children to teenagers and also taking care of elderly needs.


No strings attached. With Singles Vacations you can enjoy a great holiday with great prices. Time to meet new friends or even find a partner.


Yes, that kids-free getaway Adults Only Vacations. You get to do grown-up stuff, just you and your partner reconnecting and getting to do things you love. Spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the family. Explore the exotic locations, great food, and great alcohol, and maybe who knows, your luck on the casino.

Destinations we Love

Discover great locations from Acapulco to Cancun, Daytona to Myrtle Beach.   Here we have collated for you destinations you will fall in love with, just like we do.

Acapulco, MEXICO
Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO
Cancun, MEXICO
Cozumel, MEXICO
Daytona, FLORIDA
Las Vegas, NEVADA
Orlando, FLORIDA
Puerto Vallarta, MEXICO
Playa del Carmen, MEXICO
Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Discover Great Travel Deals Discounts by Regions


Vacation Packages are now readily available. You can choose from an All Adults Vacation, Couples Getaway and even that long awaited Family Vacation.


No strings attached. With Singles Vacations you can enjoy a great holiday with great prices. Time to meet new friends or even find a partner.


Let the hospitality and the warmth of the Caribbean to make an impression on you. You can choose to indulge yourself in total relaxation or get busy with the activities on and offsite.

I loved BookVIP because I saved over a $1000 on my stay at the Wells resort in San Diego. We enjoyed hiking,golfing, and the multiple pools available on the expansive resort grounds. BookVIP was very easy to navigate on their website, staff at the call center was pleasant and informative and the email updates provided all the itinerary information needed. I will use BookVIP again in the future.

Lisa S

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